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Use our tools to better serve your clients.  The implementation of strategies that work.

Solution CFO is a tool CFOs can use to better serve their clients.

Associates have their own firms or professional practices and contract directly with their clients.

Solution CFO provides access to resources, training, marketing assistance and consultation to help each associate better serve their clients and build their firms or practices.

Associates are chosen carefully and must abide by our own guidelines of integrity and conduct. These include:

Bullet 1 Commitment to an "Everyone Wins" philosophy.

Bullet 2 Commitment to integrity.

Bullet 3 Commitment to maintaining client confidences and not disclosing any client information to outside parties without the client's consent.

Bullet 4 Commitment to delivering value that exceeds any client investment in services.

Bullet 5 Commitment to always speak with candor.

Besides commitments to specific ideals and guidelines, associates also must have training and experience that will enable them to provide the level of service clients expect from a CFO. Accordingly, all associates:

Bullet 1 Are college graduates with degrees in finance or accounting.

Bullet 2 Have at least five years experience working in the area of finance and accounting.

Bullet 3 Have worked for at least three different companies performing finance and accounting functions.

Bullet 4 Have clients or former employers willing to recommend them highly.

Potential associates should contact us at or by phone (801) 571-0974 for further information.