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Hear from our customers that have benefitted from our Virtual CFO services.

Media League, Inc.

We had a steady stream of clients and a great product, but we were in a cash flow crunch, and we needed to grow to remain competitive. Solution CFO boldly stepped in and reorganized our production workflow, refocused the company on cash flow and streamlined our accounting practices. Carter Summers of Solution CFO worked with us very closely to ensure our goals and objectives were being met on a daily basis. Almost immediately we realized a dramatic cash flow resurgence.

After the initial first month of re-structuring, our weekly Flash Reports showed positive gains and very optimistic forecasts. Solution CFO was able to hone in on our strengths, eliminate our weaknesses and set us on a course for continued success. We had tried numerous accounting techniques in the past, but had never had the discipline to fully implement or appreciate the strategies. With Solution CFO as our coach, the results came fast.

Once our cash flow concerns were tackled, we focused on our production processes and how we could become more efficient. Our project turnaround times are steadily decreasing and our employees are motivated. A big factor for us was to determine if we were getting enough productivity from our work force. Solution CFO helped us to implement accountability processes and weed out the "bad apples."

We can with all confidence say that a large portion of our success today can be directly attributed to the influence of our Solution CFO team. Thanks again!

--René Oehlerking, President